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Equipment, choice of meat plus 1 side dish and rustic bap. Chef will cook, carve and serve.

hogman-fire-pig-chef-iconBasically the whole hog (excuse the pun). Tell us what time you want the hog roast to be served, choose the side dish, sit back and enjoy. We will serve your guests in a buffet style, and clear away afterwards. Your priority is entertaining your guests and having fun.

Meat options

Farm bred hog with crispy golden crackling served with homemade apple sauce, one side dish and a rustic bap
Locally sourced ale basted spring lamb infused with garlic and rosemary, served with homemade mint sauce and a rustic bap


Spinach and mozzarella salad
Homemade coleslaw
Mediterranean Couscous
Crunchy green salad
Seasonal roasted vegetables (served hot)
Garlic and thyme infused butternut squash (served hot)
Green pesto pasta salad
New potato salad with dill and garlic mayonnaise

Hog Roast Pricing

Equipment hire, choice of meat and side dish, rustic bap and apple/mint sauce:

Up to 35 guests £455.00 (£13.00 p/person)
Up to 70 guests £840 (£12.00 p/person)
Up to 150 guests £1650 (£11.00 p/person)

Quotations are also available for a lamb option served with mint sauce.

For bookings of 150 or more guests, please use the contact form on this page.

Time to meet the Hogman.

Meet the Hogman of Haslemere

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