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    this website contains explicit images, if you're hungry please leave now.
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    Are you looking to host your own Spit Roast event?
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    We supply spit roast equipment, fantastic meats & sides, even the Hogman himself
Hi there, and welcome to the Hogman of Hampshire.
If you’re interested in hosting a spit roast then you’ve found what you’re looking for.

Our Spit Roast Options

Spit Roast Equipment<br />Hire Only.

Spit Roast Equipment
Hire Only.

Your spit roast machine will be delivered and set up depending on your serving time. You will be given a tutorial on how to get the best result and our staff will leave you with written instructions. At which point it’s all up to you to show your mates what a dab hand you are around the fire. Oh, and if you’re struggling, just ring, that’s what we’re here for!
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Hire Of Equipment With Choice Of Meat Supplied.

Hire Of Equipment With Choice Of Meat Supplied.

Your spit roast machine will be delivered, along with your choice of meat all seasoned and ready to go. Our staff will light the fire and give you a tutorial while the coals burn down. Once the spit is on, all you have to do is keep the coals hot and the drinks cold! For groups between 100-150 you may prefer to go for our combo option of lamb and pork.

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Equipment, Choice Of Meat, 1 Side Plus Chef.

Equipment, Choice Of Meat, 1 Side Plus Chef.

Basically the whole hog (excuse the pun). Tell us what time you want the spit to be served, choose your one side dish, sit back and enjoy. We will serve your guests in a buffet style, and clear away afterwards. Your priority is entertaining your guests and having fun.

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More about The Hogman

We’re a small hog roast company located in Hampshire. Our offer is simple: Top quality customer service, competitive pricing, and that personal touch you just don’t get with big companies.  Whether it’s a surprise birthday for your other half, or just an excuse to gather round with your mates and a cold beer, The Hogman of Hampshire will not disappoint. Have a look at our menu options, mull it over for a bit, then give us a call to chat about how the Hogman of Hampshire can make your event, the one everyone’s talking about.

Look forward to talking to you!


Recent Spit Roasts

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